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Olga Palmquist/Wester/Reilly-Riley

2012-09-04 11:18 #0 av: Cavinka

Jag vill ställa en fråga om denna person och bifoga en text som jag hittade på nätet. Texten är wordformat och jag vet inte hur jag omvandlar detta till lämpligt format.

2012-09-04 15:25 #1 av: Cavinka

Jag klistar helt enkelt inhistorien här. Vad jag är intressserad av att veta är vad som hände med Olga och Evelyn. 1920 bor Olga, man och dottern Evelyn med Amandas föräldrar i Ironwood, Wisconsin. Då är Olga gift Wester. Efter det så kan jag inte hitta varken Olga eller Evelyn i någon folkräkning. Olga född ca 1896 och Evelyn 1911.

Följande har jag hittat på Internet:

Charles Wester and Olga Palmquist

Is anyone researching the Ironwood, Gogebic, Michigan families of Charles WESTER or Olga PALMQUIST? Here is their unusual story:

- 1910 Ironwood,michigan, young Olga Palmquist, age 14, ran off and married Charles Frederick Wester.

- March 1911 in Ironwood, a daughter, Evelyn Lenoir Wester was born.

- In the 1912 Ironwood City Directory, Charles Wester, a timekeeper, is found living in the home of John A. Palmquist at a Larch Street address.

The Westers moved to Colorado where a son was born to them around 1916. The baby is bitten by a rattlesnake and dies in infancy. Soon afterward Olga leaves her husband and returns to Ironwood with her five year old daughter in tow. It is speculated a divorce took place, although no such document has yet surfaced. Both parties remarried.

The story gets more bizzare. Evelyn, at first is taken to live with her Palmquist grandmother in Ironwood where she attends her early years of school.

It was the "Flapper Era". Still young and pretty, Olga went to Chicago and danced and sang on stage for a living. Olga did not want anyone to know she has been married or has chidren. Evelyn was made to call her mother, Aunt "Ollie" and was introduced to everyone as Olga's orphaned niece. For over 70 years Evelyn kept her mother's "family secret", only revealing the truth on her own deathbed.

Was Olga a "Goldigger"? Probably! She eventually married one of Chicago's rich socialite playboys, Robert Reilly, but he would not allow the young child, Evelyn, to come live with them. So the ever resourceful Olga feigned an illness and her doctors mandated she live abroad. Robert was busy with his business in Chicago, so Olga took Evelyn as her traveling companion and moved to a posh section of Naples, Italy where Evelyn attended a convent school.

When they eventually returned to the states, Olga sent Evelyn age 12 to live with her father, Charles Wester, on the ranch in Colorado. Evelyn said her father had married to the ranch housekeeper by that time, but the new wife's name is not known, nor if there were any WESTER children born to them. Charles raised Evelyn on the ranch until she was age 17, at the which time she left to attend college at the University of Chicago.

- Evelyn said her father, Charles Wester, wrote poetry published in a Colorado newspaper under a psydeuoname (because he did not want to be labeled a sissy).

- Evelyn said the Wester family fortune was lost in the stock market crash of 1929. (Although she did inherit an original Frederick Remington oil painting among other items from her father.)

I grew up infatuated with Evelyn's stories about growing up on the Colorado ranch, having to attending high school in town where she was boarded out, and riding her horse home to the ranch on weekends and holidays. Unfortunealty the ranch's exact location has been lost to time, but it was supposedly in the Craig-Steamboat Springs area. Evelyn told me she had been informed by Colorado sources that it was turned into a Dude ranch in later years.

In researching Charles Wester and the "Lazy Y" ranch it was revealed that no one by the name of WESTER ever owned the "lazy Y" brand, nor any brand in the state of Colorado. (Perhaps Charles Wester only managed the Lazy Y ranch.) The trail of Charles Frederick Wester is cold in Colorado. Research for him there has not revealed much, so my efforts to locate him have returned to Gogebic County.

The Social Security Death Index records report a Charles Wester died in Ironwood, Gogebic Co. MI in 1966. A man with that same name was found mentioned in the records of 1966 Gogebic workshop in relationship to a resource, an unpublished typewritten manuscript, "Trail Trees", written in 1959 by a Charles Wester.

Could this be the same man who married Olga Palmquist in 1910 and moved to Colorado?

Any knowledge or information you might be able to offer would be appreciated.


Lee Hatch

Sep 12, 2011 - 7:59AM

Re: Charles Wester and Olga Palmquist

Researching this family has been wonderfully revealing, unraveling to a great extent the traditional family story passed down about this couple and reknitting a more truthful version.



2012-09-04 23:36 #2 av: Cavinka

Bry er inte om detta. Jafg har fått kontakt med personen som skrev artikeln om Olga.


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