02 -- Proveniens in English

Proveniens in English!

2009-05-09 13:15 #0 av: AndersE


I am your host on this site - "Proveniens iFokus".

Proveniens is a Swedish word for Provenance. The word means descent or origin, and the idea behind “Proveniens iFokus” is to bring people with different areas of interest in “the underlying” - the background story - together.

So if you are interested in Swedish genealogy or Swedish history - this could be the site for you.

Unfortunately iFokus doesn’t have an English version. However, I do believe that a lot of our members would like to help any guest  posting a question/query here in English. So here is a way to approach “Proveniens iFokus” in English:

"Proveniens" in Google translate version looks like this  

You will quickly realize that the translation is far from perfect. I still hope it is good enough to help you make some of the information on the site available to you. I also hope that you will let us help you. Please ask about anything!




2009-05-09 13:40 #1 av: AndersE

To put a quest here you will have to become a member. This is of course free and all you have to do is put your preferred username in the orange box on the right.

Then you have to add your e-mail adress and a password. The e-mail adress is just to make it possible for us to remind you of your password. You will not receieve any junk mail!





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